How To Enable Cookies On IPhone: Easy Steps


enable cookies on Iphone are similar to other types of phones like android, windows phone, and blackberry. You have to find the menu setting and the allowing the cookies to be ‘on’.

Some people may not really understand about this function and what the important of these cookies is however sometimes, you have to know about how to enable cookies on Iphone. It is because the cookies are important to import more performance in our phone. Several websites that you are going to open may need cookies. Thus you have to know about how to activate this feature and how to work it out. When you use browsers in notebook or personal PC, you may do not to think about this as it is mostly already set up there. But when you operate it in the phone, you may need to activate cookies in the IPhone firstly. Below are several easy steps that you can easily follow.

Easy Steps to Follow to Enable Cookies in IPhone

How to enable cookies in iphone is slightly different with the way you turn it up in the android. When you are using the android then you will firstly open the browser by opening the menu. Then you can follow the next step by opening the setting and the privacy & security menu. Other name of the menu is the privacy setting. After that, you have to check up and allow the device to accept the cookies. You can turn it on by switching the mode into the ‘on’ mode or by checking the menu. When it is already set up then you do need to think about further step as it is already work.

Then, how about the way to enable cookies on Iphone? Does it a little harder and complex or it is even easier? If you are an IPhone user, then the way to open up and activate the cookies is by using opening up the home screen and finding the settings menu. After you find the setting, then open up the ‘safari’. In the menu, there will be various orders in the menu. Here you can change the cookies menu by changing the setting menu of cookies from blocking into always allowing. By changing the mode into ‘always allow’ it means your phone can already use the cookies for your needed. This setting is used for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Steps to Enable Cookies in Web Browser

Enabling the cookies in android and iPhone are different. It happens to web browser as well. When you want to enable the cookies in different device like web browser by using android then the steps are kind of the same like when you open up and activate it in the android phone. It starts by opening up the browser. Then you can continue to the menu setting. In the menu setting, you can search and find the privacy & security mode. Then you can search the menu that shows about the cookies. Usually it is written as ‘accept cookies’. When you have found this menu then you can continue to switch the mode from the unable into enable by applying checking in the menu box.

How About the Way to Enable Cookies on iPhone

How About the Way to Enable Cookies on iPhone

How to Enable Cookies on iPhone - Easy Steps

How to Enable Cookies on iPhone - Easy Steps

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Actually the way to open up and activate the cookies is almost the same in the different devices. It is including the windows phone and the blackberry that are actually has different machine setting. However, the enabling way is almost the same just like what you do for IPhone and Android. The first step always starts with opening the browser. The browser can be chrome or internet explorer. If you are opening with chrome in the android mode then the steps are like this. First, you can open up the chrome. Then, you have to find the menu that is usually set up as ‘more menu’. Then, finding the settings and look for the ‘site settings’ that is available there. After that, the next step is finding the cookies menu. Usually it is placed in the top – right corner of the chrome. Then you can switch and make sure that the cookies device is turning on.

The steps that you will follow to enable the cookies in the other browser like in blackberry browser and internet explorer in the windows phone are quite similar. To enable cookies on Iphone, you can firstly open the browser for blackberry then you can select the setting menu by touching the blackberry button. After that, there will be ‘privacy and security’ setting, here you have to ensure that the ‘accept cookies’ menu is on the ‘on’ position. When it has not set up then you have to set it up. The ways of enabling it in the internet explorer that is used for windows phone is similar. You can go to the menu setting and find the menu that shows ‘allow cookies on my phone’. Make sure that you have to check it already and allow the cookies to work in the browser.

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