How To Replace IPhone 4 Screen: The Best Alternative


how to replace iPhone 4 screen should be done safely. Alternatively, the users can repair or replace the screen in repair center or party service provider.

Some of iPhone probably have ever dropped their iPhone 4 at one point or another and sometimes their luck are running you. By this, they must end up with cracked or shattered screens. At these points, the options truly depend on what versions of iPhone you have and what. If any, protections plan you have for the phones. For those who are the owners of iPhone 4 or others model, this port will show the tips of how to replace iPhone 4 screen.

How to replace iPhone 4 screen guides: how it works

Obviously, the users want to spend the least amount of their money as possible for fixing the iPhone without compromising on the qualities. For instance, you probably are be able to take the phone to the local repair shops and pay for $60 less than what the company will charge. However, the local shops probably do the shoddy jobs that would cost you more down the lines. In accordance with this, people around the worlds need the best advices of how to replace iPhone 4 screen affordably. Luckily, there are some different ways the users could possibly get the iPhone replaced and also different price ranges for each option.

How to replace iPhone 4 screen: repair center

Repair center owned by the company absolutely is the most reliable and safest ways for how to replace iPhone 4 screen. However, it is obviously more expensive. The best choice by far is to get the iphones 4 repaired by the manufacturer itself. Alternatively, you could take the phone to the retail store and start the service requests. Talking about the prices, it depends on some factors. For those who have AppleCare+ for the phones, which highly are highly recommended by many users, the prices are potentially much cheaper. If not, the prices to fix the screens are more expensive slightly.

You can actually do save the decent amount of money as you have AppleCare for the iphones. For your information, AppleCare is not free but this is definitely worth the costs since it can protect the phones for up to two years. Also, if the users have AppleCare, they can request the replacement phones using Express Replacement Service for free. Without using Apple care, how to replace iPhone 4 screen on retail center probably needs around $29 for replacements.

How To Replace iPhone 4 Screen - The Best Alternative

How To Replace iPhone 4 Screen - The Best Alternative

How To Replace iPhone 4 Screen

How To Replace iPhone 4 Screen

Additionally, you will also notice that the company websites only list up to iPhone 5 and nothing about the models before it. It is because the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 will be all out of warranty repair and will depend on whether they have the parts of those models or not. Based on some rumors, the estimated prices for screen replacement including how to replace iPhone 4 screen safely are $149 for iPhone 4 and $199 for iPhone 4S.

We can see that those are a kind of pretty high costs for older phones including iPhone 4. But, there will be always the ways to solve how to replace iPhone 4 screen. You can go with party service providers. However, you probably will pay more than the local repair ships but you could be guaranteed that the parts are legit.

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